theresnobackstage said: "Hello! Your blog has been a lifesaver for me so thanks for that, haha. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial or something on how to make the white bar in the middle of a gif? Also, like how to make things overlap it (am I making sense?). I would really appreciate it, thanks!"

hi! i’m so glad you found my tutorials helpful!

i can totally do a tutorial about that. i already have one about doing white bars (that are actually transparent) in gifs and you can find it here. then there is a kind of overlapping where there are gifs in the background and a photo in the foreground, like this graphic of mine. i could do a tutorial about that too.

but i guess what you meant was this kind of gif? (i found this one on google so it’s not mine)

i’ve actually never done anything like this but the process is very easy, even if a bit time consuming, so it wouldn’t be hard to try. it’s just a matter of working frame by frame…

i’ll be pretty busy in the next days so i’ll probably start working on this towards november but it’s definitely on my list of tutorials!

have a nice day!

korutaku said: "Hey I have a problem. I really want to get into gif making but when I try to import video into photoshop it says DynamicLink isn't available. I have been searching online and can't seem to find a solution. Thought I may as well ask you. Thanks for your informative tutorials!"

hello! i never had that problem before so i looked it up and after some research i found this short tutorial which explains how to get rid of that specific issue. i can’t assure you it will work seeing as i didn’t actually try it myself but you could try it out anyways?

let me know if it worked, have a nice day!

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fw-ks said: "hi, i'm trying to add a text to a photo but the text just comes out looking really tiny even though i set the font size to 72pt. do you know what's wrong and how to fix it? tried googling but that wasn't very helpful :/"

gosh, i haven’t checked my inbox in forever, i hope i’m not answering this incredibly late! if i am, i’m very sorry

i’m pretty sure that happened to me too in the past but sadly i don’t remember what i did to fix it, or even if i did anything at all, seeing as sometimes things like that just fix themselves. anyway maybe that could happen if you’re editing an especially large picture? or if you used the reverse zoom tool and didn’t go back to the normal view.

if you already solved the problem yourself, please let me know how you did because it could be useful for others, thank you! 

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thefandomlivesforever said: "Hello! Im using photoshop cs5 and when i (for example) try to adjust the light to a gif it only changes the first fram. What have i done wrong and how can i change it back?"

hi! that actually happens to me too, just make sure to select all the frames in your animation window before making any changes to your coloring and you shouldn’t have that problem anymore because the coloring will automatically appear on all the frames. oh and don’t forget to put the coloring at the very top!

about changing it back… well i usually just go to my history window and delete what i did wrong

i hope my little explanation was helpful, let me know if it works! have a nice day :)

Anonymous said: "where do i can get the stuff that says like 'ew' 'no' 'leave' etc for the collages?"

i usually just google this, or this, or this 

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natureboystyles said: "how to do stripes in pic?"

i’m sorry but i’m not sure what you mean, could you please link me an example of a picture with those stripes? :)

xxvodkaxxx said: "My avatar comes out blurry all the time! Can you help me?"

i’ve been fighting tumblr over this for years! i usually just play around a bit with the icon’s size and the amount of sharpening i use on it. i can’t really tell you /the/ way to make your avatar look good because that depends on the picture you’re using and other things but i can show you my favorite icon of mine and you can try to use the same size and amount of sharpening for yours too. this is a standard 100px icon but sometimes i also make them as 110px so that should work too :)

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fw-ks said: "hi, i tried your method for the blending options for the text but unfortunately it worked once but when i tried it again, it failed me :(. so i tried searching on goggle again and used this method -> i(.)imgur(.)com/eOQHS6E(.)jpg and it worked. thanks for you help though :D"

oh okay good this looks 1000 times more professional than my very personal way of doing this so thank you! maybe it didn’t work for you because we’re using different photoshop versions? that could be a reason. anyway thanks again :)

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fw-ks said: "i tried putting subtitles on my gif and when i mess with the blending options to add stroke and etc but then it only applies to one frame and it's a hassle and time consuming to go through the rest of the frames, adding the blending options individually especially when there's like 15+ frames. any advice or help on that?"

that happens to me like every time i add text to my gifs. i usually just select all the frames at the same time then i go to my layers window and i turn invisible the effect layer connected to the text layer then i set it back to visible right away

this works for me 99.9% of the time so i guess it should be ok for you, too. let me know! have a nice day :)

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Anonymous said: "hello! so I went through a good portion of your blog & couldn't find it, so I'm sorry if you already answered this but could you teach me how to make a gif? Are there any good websites or places you could make gifs for free without the websites watermarks? If not, which Photoshop/programs would you recommend & how do you make them? Thank you so much!"

hello! so, a loooong time ago (this probably explains why you couldn’t find it) i made this tutorial which is about how to make gifs. it’s obviously a photoshop-based tutorial because that’s the only program i use for this kind of things so you need to download the program to follow my tutorial.

i suggest you not to use websites to make gifs because, honestly, it’s so easy to do it on photoshop and the result is way much better looking. besides you can find free downloads for photoshop pretty much everywhere right now so it shouldn’t take you too long to get started.

as for photoshop, i suggest you to download photoshop cs5 (i’m using this one) or cs6 because they’re the best ones to work with gifs and you also find the majority of tutorials based on those versions of the program. 

feel free to write me again if you have any other doubts, i’ll be happy to help you as i can. have a nice day!

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