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feweekoreanstuff said: "hi, i was just wondering if you know how to stitch more than one gifs together. tumblr has that 10 pic limit so i put together 2 or more different and separate gifs as one picture. sorry if what i'm asking is confusing and not understandable. :)"

hello! i guess you meant something like this gifset of mine? if you did then yes i know how to do that, i could also do a tutorial about that if you want :)

therjmoore said: "on your photoshop gif help you're just like "after deleting the frames, go and delete the corresponding layers." and that's literally all you say about that. i'm sorry if that sounded mean, i was going more for to the point; i just want to say that i can usually figure stuff out, but i CANNOT for the life of me figure out stupid photoshop; my particular problem right now is that i can't tell if the layer has a frame or if i deleted it; i can't figure out how to tell... please help!!!"

hello! first of all: that tutorial is two years old so i apologize for eventual mistakes or badly explained points, i really should go and fix a few things but i’m very busy with life so.

anyway. presuming that you only deleted frames that were at the beginning and at the end of the gif, leaving the middle ones untouched, you only need to see which layer matches with the first frame and which one matches with the last frame. the middles frames will correspond to all those layers between the first layer and the last one. if you see the little eye next to the layer (i’m referring to the layer visibility symbol) it means that, on your frames window, the corresponding frame is selected.

for example: you’re on your first frame

but on your layers window, that frame’s corresponding layer is actually the second layer, and not the first one. so the first layer is absolutely useless since it won’t appear in the actual gif (because you deleted its frame)

you only have to delete that “layer 1” because you don’t need it, seeing as your gif basically starts from “layer 2”. the same thing could happen at the end of the gif or even in the middle if you deleted frames from the middle of the gif. it’s all a matter of visibility of the layers, if a layer is never visible whatever frame you’re selecting, then it means that that layer isn’t in the gif at all because you deleted its frame.

i hope this cleared things up a bit? it really isn’t difficult. i don’t even know if i actually read this somewhere when i learned how to make gifs or if it’s something i got around doing myself but i think it’s pretty useful because it makes things much tidier. anyway it’s not necessary, you could go ahead and forget about this passage and your gif would look the same so don’t worry about it if you still don’t understand (i hope you do though?? if you don’t it means i’m really bad at explaining stuff lol)

recreated psd for anon !

i’m so sorry this took me so long but i’m always incredibly busy during school times. anyway here it is one of the two psds i had to recreate! i made two because of reasons, just take the one you prefer… also i’m aware that it doesn’t look /exactly/ like the one you sent me but that’s what i could do with the little time i had.

download here

download here

marraphy said: "When you run the meiji action, is it supposed to make you confirm every single sharpen? I'm running PS CS3.."

actually it’s not. maybe it doesn’t work as well with photoshop cs3 as it does with newer versions?

i’m sorry i know i’m not being very helpful about this but i’m quite sure it’s mostly a problem of compatibility…

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Anonymous said: "Could you please recreate these two psds, or one? Whichever, aha. Pleaase. / i*imgur*com/rk6imIt*png / i*imgur*com/cJKDQOj*png"

i’m assuming you’re the same anon whose request didn’t get to me? well, anyway it did arrive now! i’ll try to have those psds ready as soon at possible uwu

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augustussinfinity said: "Okay so I lied (no I didn't it actually worked, but then it didn't) but now I've found an article that did do the trick, so I thought I'd give you the link for everyone else who has the same problem: thedigitalhippies(.)com(/)digital/photoshop-cs6-text-glitching-fixing-the-text-corruption-problem/"

that was so nice of you! thank you so much for sending me this, i’m sure other people with your same problem will find this very useful :)

Anonymous said: "Did you get my recreation psd request?"

no i didn’t! you can send it again?

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hello lovely people! do you have any requests for tutorials or psds?
Anonymous said: "hi. so i have PS cs6 portable and i want to make gifs. i know how but when i try to open a video it say something about dynamicLink not working. can you help me with that please?"

hello! i found this tutorial (not mine) that should explain you how to solve this problem. if you still can’t make it work then try having a look at this other site.

let me know if it worked! have a nice day :)

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