how to make high-quality gifs under 1MB

anglomo asks:

My GIFs, when I have them open on photoshop, are perfectly clear (I try my best to use 720p or higher), but then tumblr’s dumb rule about 500kb means that I have to literally destroy my work to the point where it’s disgusting-looking.

I’ve been trying my best to keep the GIFs under 30 frames, but even that seems like too much. I regularly have to lower my colours from 256 to 100, and the dithering to almost 40%. I thought it was something I’d just have to put up with, but I see some GIFs with the BEST quality and some are quite long.

What is the secret?! 

tumblr and his stupid 1MB limit, i know it sucks. sometimes it just drives me crazy because i have to ruin all my work, too but other times we can avoid it thank to some tricks:

✿ sharpen sharpen sharpen! i know you’ll be sick of hearing me tell you this but it’s really big part of the result. sometimes when you’re working on a gif in photoshop it looks already enough sharpened but when you try and save it then it looks like someone put some kind of fog on it and it’s not nice. so i really suggest you to use this action at least once (and remember that you can use it only when you still haven’t deleted any frame or layer!).

✿ i’ve already written it in my 'how to make a gif' tutorial but i’ll say it again. when you’re saving a normal-sized gif (for photosets for example) it would be better if you used these settings:

it usually is the best way of preserving a decent quality.

✿ if you want to create a big gif (a 500x500px gif for example) then you should follow these tips:

- don’t create more than 9 frames or there won’t be chance the gif will be under 1MB;

- don’t use very heavy colorings but only pretty simple ones with not so many layers in them;

- for this kind of gifs you can try and use different settings while you’re saving your work (but don’t use them for smaller gifs please because they would look horrible):

✿ as i said, colorings may be quite heavy sometimes so a good way to avoid problems is turning the gif to black&white. it will lower the size and it’ll also look better. black&white colorings are real saviors sometimes!

✿ this is pretty obvious but less frames you have smaller will be the size of the gif, so it could happen that the only way is deleting frames and frames to get to the right size. just remember that, even if every little frame may look essential, actually most of the time is not. in fact you’ll be able to get the motion you wanted to gif also deleting some more frames and just keeping the really indispensable ones.

✿ now, the one i’m going to tell you now it’s pretty drastic and i usually don’t use it but i know some people do so. when you’re saving the gif and you set these settings, you’ll get to use also the lossy option, which will dramatically lower the size of your gif but also its quality. the more you raise the number the more the size will be smaller the more the gif will look non-quality. i think you got how i hate this option so i suggest you to use it only if you really can’t find any other way.

✿ last tip. always when you’re saving your gif, go here:

then choose ‘optimize to file size’ and set it to 1000 (or 900) as you can see here:

this way, the size of the gif won’t exceed the size you decided but i can’t promise you it will always look high-quality.

an example of what you can do with these tips:

i hope i was helpful, don’t hesitate to ask for more advice!

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